building your business online during pandemic

Spartan webpage

  • Beautiful
  • Efficient
  • Strongly optimized
  • Cost-Effective

What did we learn from the COVID-19 crisis?

That Internet can save the business.

Is your website up to the challenge?

From strategy to full-blown Implementation, we bring digital top-notch web experience to small and medium companies. We developed a website concept that will give you a great looking website on unmatched low-cost price.

We present the Spartan – beautiful, efficient and strongly optimised website concept. For as much as £1000 you get:

  • WordPress based website
  • Logo design and brand enhancement
  • Design customisation
  • Content optimisation
  • Full onsite Search Engine Optimisation
  • Bonus: 50% discount for company video

Today the company website is the typical first point of contact for any business. Business owners and managers use it to demonstrate products and service; to prove the company’s liability and drive new conversions. Does your website perform according to your expectations?

We consider web design to be one of the most critical factors for any successful website. And we focus on creating individual web identity that will enhance your brand and boost your business online.

The Spartan based website is delightfully technically simple and will serve its purpose years to come. It will offer a solid base for your creative ideas, your key messages and business targets. Our team of designers and developers will incorporate your instructions into Spartan concept to make your webpage a personalised, efficient, cost-smart and modern looking website.


developing manufacturers and retail businesses
consultants, professionals and freelancers
non-profit organisations and public campaigners

Build an excellent showcase for your business during this critical period.

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